Why The Chicken Cross The Road Soup?

Ptolemy: In a few thousand years, someone will probably think of a simpler explanation, but the current understanding is that the chicken crosses the road because it is constrained to move on this here sphere, which in turn has its center on this one over here. Ptolemy: Someone will probably think of a simpler explanation in a few thousand years.

Would you let a chicken cross the road to go to the bathroom?

In order to use the restroom I just want to live in a society where something as simple as a chicken crossing the street is not cause for suspicion about the chicken’s motives. Why did the chicken choose to venture across the busy highway? Because of the nature of the chicken industry.

Why did the chicken cross the road in El Jeremias?

I had my reservations, but I went ahead and crossed that road! Dare! Dream! Discover!” Just saw the one and only answer that makes sense in a Spanish film called El Jeremias, which is that it crossed the road to demonstrate to everyone that it wasn’t a chicken. as if it should make you afraid..