How To Freeze Kale For Soup?

How to Freeze Kale:

  1. Prep Your Kale. Make sure that your kale is thoroughly washed and chopped before you freeze it, so that it can be used in your dish without any additional preparation after it is defrosted
  2. Bring on the kale. After washing the kale, be sure to let it drain thoroughly, and then just store it in any container that is suitable for the freezer and airtight.
  3. To prepare the kale:

Try this delicious soup recipe that calls for frozen kale: Soup made with kale, white beans, and lemon juice. As was just indicated, frozen kale leaves can be utilized in the preparation of smoothies. You may put frozen kale over pizza, scrambled eggs, or even use it to make a quiche or pie.

How do you cook Kale without drying it out?

As soon as the cooking process has begun, the kale should be submerged into water that is extremely cold. Keep the kale in the ice bath for the whole 2.5 minutes, which is the same amount of time that you cooked it for. If you are working in stages, you will need to replenish the ice after each stage of the kale chilling process.