What Is Good Soup From?

A encounter between Driver and Lena Dunham that takes place during the sixth season of the HBO series takes place in a diner. Their love connection is, in all intents and purposes, coming to an end, and the room is filled with awkward quiet. After that, Driver takes a hearty gulp of soup, flashes the peace sign with his hands, and murmurs, ″excellent soup.″

What are the healthiest soups to eat?

Sign up for Openfit right now and get access to a wide variety of nutritious meals at no cost. According to registered dietitian Jessica Cording, these are the benchmark for determining which soups are the healthiest options available to be consumed. Consider a dish of chicken and vegetables, turkey and chili with black beans, or lentils.

What does “good soup” mean?

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  • ″Good Soup″ Adam Driver is referring to a scene from an episode of Girls that aired on HBO in 2017 in which Adam Driver, while eating in a diner, slurps soup, makes the ″OK″ sign with his hand, and says ″good soup.″ In August of 2021, the scenario was made famous on TikTok through the use of lip dubs.
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What is the best soup to make for a party?

  • You may serve this velvety pumpkin soup as an appetizer at a dinner party or as a light supper on nights when you just want to curl up with something warm and comforting.
  • It’s easy to make.
  • A rating of 4.8 stars out of a possible 5.
  1. Utilize mushrooms to their full potential by preparing this satisfying mushroom soup dish that has cream, onions, and garlic.
  2. Serve with crusty bread as a side dish for lunch or as an appetizer.

What kind of soups do you make at Bistro?

Our hearty soups will blow your mind with their deliciousness. Our hearty dishes include the time-honored minestrone and the vivacious tomato soup, as well as unique combinations like celeriac, hazelnut, and truffle. With 4.6 stars out of 5, the highest possible rating.

What is good soup meme from?

If you’ve been on TikTok within the past few months, you’ve undoubtedly already heard about the ″good soup.″ The sound was taken from an episode of ″Girls″ that aired on HBO in 2017 and features a deadpan Adam Driver slurping a large mouthful of food during a passionate and emotional conversation with Lena Dunham’s character Hannah Horvath, who plays the primary role in the series.

What film is good soup from?

The ‘Good Soup’ Meme Popularized by Adam Driver Is Based on One Tragedy from the HBO Show ‘Girls’ If you’ve been on TikTok recently, there’s a decent chance you’ve seen a video titled ″excellent soup.″

What does good soup mean TikTok?

  • Soup.
  • In comes the ″Good Soup″ trend on TikTok, which is an audio clip that is making the rounds on the platform.
  • Users are using it to not only show their comfort food or sometimes their childhood versions of ″soup,″ but also to use ″Good Soup″ as a metaphor for something that is generally positive or enjoyable.
  1. The users discussed a variety of embarrassing pastimes and peculiarities from their youth.