Nurse Who Threw Soup At Manager?

A video that was uploaded to TikTok and has since gone viral shows an irate lady throwing soup into the face of a worker behind the counter. The woman claims the soup was so hot that it melted the lid into her soup. A fresh Tik Tok video emerged a few days later, tying the Amanda Martinez, who is a nurse in Austin, to the event she was allegedly involved in.

Who is Amanda Martinez Temple TX?

A Temple woman was arrested on Wednesday after her actions in a video that went viral showed her throwing soup at another person. Amanda Martinez, age 31, was taken into custody and charged with assault that results in bodily harm, a Class A misdemeanor, after she reportedly threw soup in the face of an employee working at a neighborhood restaurant.

Who is the angry customer throws soup?

During the course of her work as the manager of a restaurant, a lady was struck in the face with a bowl of boiling soup. This week, the soup-slinger, Amanda Martinez, age 31, was charged with assault for her alleged involvement in the incident. The video of the event captured on CCTV quickly went viral on various social media platforms.

What happened to Amanda Martinez Temple Texas?

Martinez was tracked down and taken into custody by the Temple Police Department, where he was charged with assault leading to bodily harm. In an interview with Braylee Bates from KCEN, Broland said, ″When I last spoke with TPD, it looked like this process would take a lot longer.″

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Who is the woman that threw soup in Cashiers face?

She is being detained on a bail of $5,000 at this time. On November 7 in Temple, Texas, surveillance film captured the moment that Ms. Martinez hurled the soup in the face of Jannelle Broland, who was the manager of the Sol de Jalisco restaurant. Broland was 24 years old at the time.

Who is Amanda Martinez soup?

A video that has now gone viral shows a lady who is thought to be Amanda Martinez hurling soup in the direction of the face of a staff working at the Temple eatery. TEMPLE, Texas – In a recent report, The lady who is accused of hurling soup in the face of an employee working at the Temple eatery one year ago is scheduled to stand trial.

What happens if a customer throws something at you?

According to Section 240 of the California Penal Code, this offense is considered a misdemeanor and carries a potential sentence of up to six months in county prison and/or a fine of up to $1,000, depending on the circumstances. These charges may also be accompanied by additional misdemeanor counts, such as disturbing the peace, which may heighten the possible consequences that you face.

Who is the soup woman?

TEMPLE, TEXAS (KWKT) – According to the police, a lady who was wanted for allegedly flinging soup in the face of a Texas restaurant manager was taken into custody. After a video of the event began spreading around the internet the previous week, authorities in Temple, Texas, located and detained Amanda Martinez, age 31, on the following Wednesday.