How Many Weight Watchers Points In Olive Garden Minestrone Soup?

Weight Watchers Points in Olive Garden Minestrone Olive Garden The restaurant’s minestrone counts as two WW points per cup across all of the plans. Our imitation soup recipe has a total of 4 Weight Watchers Green points, 1 Weight Watchers Blue point, and 1 Weight Watchers Purple point.

Soups and Salad

FreeStyle Points PointsPlus
Minestrone Soup 3 2
An Olive Garden Minestrone Soup contains 3 Weight Watchers Freestyle Points, 3 WW SmartPoints and 2 WW PointsPlus. View Nutrition/Allergens
Pasta e Fagioli 5 4

How many calories are in Olive Garden minestrone soup?

Minestrone Soup from Olive Garden contains this number of calories. Minestrone Soup from Olive Garden contains 110 calories per serving. The vast majority of those calories are derived from carbohydrate sources (69 percent ).

How much sodium is in a bowl of minestrone soup?

Nutritional Information for Olive Garden’s Minestrone Soup Serving Size?? Sodium 810mg 34 percent 17 grams of total carbohydrates, or 6% of calories, and 4 grams, or 16% of calories from dietary fiber. Sugars 4g 12 more rows

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How many points are olives on Weight Watchers?

Categories of Food Worth One Point Plus

Beef, Chicken, Turkey & Other Proteins Weight Watchers One Point Plus Foods Serv Size Pts +
Olives 1 oz 1
Peas and Carrots, cooked or uncooked 1/2 cup 1
Prunes 2 ea 1
Seaweed 1/2 cup 1

How many Weight Watchers points is a tablespoon of olive oil?


oil, grapeseed 1 tsp 1
oil, hazelnut 1 tsp 1
oil, mustard 1 tsp 1
oil, olive 1 tsp 1

Are black olives zero points on Weight Watchers?

There are still points available for the following fruits and vegetables: avocados, cassava/yuca, olives, parsnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, vegetable flours, and pastas made from vegetables. Smoothies and dried fruits do NOT count against your daily allotment of zero points.

How many points is a banana?

Points awarded for commonly eaten foods

Name Amount Old Points (before Nov. 2010)
Banana 1 medium (6 oz.) 2
Mango 1 (8 oz.) 2
Orange 1 (4 oz.) 1
Pear 1 (5 oz.) 1

Can you overeat zero point foods on Weight Watchers?

Consuming an excessive amount of ZeroPoint meals is difficult.Almost certainly not.And that would not at all be consistent with a pattern of eating that is considered to be healthy.The fact that people don’t often overindulge in ZeroPoint items is one of the reasons why you don’t have to monitor or keep track of their consumption.However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to consume all of them at once.

What food has the most points on Weight Watchers?

The Cheesecake Factory’s Bruleed French Toast with Bacon scores an outstanding 107 points out of a possible 120. This dish, which has a whopping 2490 calories, 173 grams of fat, and 100 grams of sugar, may very well be the granddaddy of all of the single-serving options available at restaurants.

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Can you cook with olive oil on Weight Watchers?

The organization Weight Watchers suggests spending money on olive oil of a good grade. Olive oil that has not been refined is a very adaptable choice. On its own, it has a flavor that is mild and unremarkable. To provide a more robust taste, olive oil can be infused with any number of different herbs.

How many Weight Watchers points is a cup of white rice?


rice, white, long grain, enriched, cooked, with salt 1/4 cup 1
rice, white, long grain, enriched, cooked, without salt 1/4 cup 1
rice, white, long grain, regular, raw, enriched 2 tbsp 2
rice, white, medium grain, cooked 1/4 cup 1

What is 0 Weight Watchers points?

Foods with zero points have an increased amount of protein and/or fiber while having a decreased amount of calories, sugar, and saturated fat. Research demonstrates that people may consume zero point items unrestrictedly (to the point of mild fullness) without gaining weight. Zero point foods are natural foods that have not been processed and are satisfying.

What are the 200 foods with zero points?

  1. A Sneek Peek at the Options Available with ZeroPoint Foods vegetables without starch
  2. Potatoes and other vegetables high in starch
  3. Fruits
  4. Cottage cheese and yogurt with a low or non-existent fat content
  5. Rice with a bran coating and entire grains
  6. Avocados
  7. Marine life and crustaceans
  8. Oatmeal with oat groats

How many WW points is an avocado?

A full avocado that weighs 155g and is considered ″medium″ is worth 10 Weight Watchers points according to the most recent version of the PersonalPoints system that Weight Watchers uses. If, on the other hand, you decide to include avocados as one of your ″free foods,″ then each avocado counts as 0 points.

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Is Weight Watchers a 1200 calorie diet?

The majority of predetermined diet plans, such as Weight Watchers, are also predicated on a consumption of 1,200 calories; however, this number is masked by a ″points″ system so that dieters do not feel as though they are counting calories.

How many points is a baked potato?

Four Weight Watchers Points+ are allotted for one baked potato of a medium size. Prepare a filling and wholesome supper by stuffing a baked potato with your favorite toppings. Begin your substantial and nutritious dinner with a small baked potato, which has a value of 4 SmartPoints, and then top it with one of the following toppings, each of which has a value of 0 SmartPoints.

How many points is peanut butter?

PEANUT BUTTER: There are three points for one tablespoon of peanut butter. If you are following the Green Plan, you may consume 4 tablespoons of PB2 or any other variety of powdered peanut butter for just 3 points.

What cereal has the least Weight Watchers points?

  1. One Degree Brown Rice Cacao Crisps are worth one point (or 30 grams) according to the Weight Watchers Low-Point Cereal Guide.
  2. Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries, per one cup (31 grams)
  3. Multigrain Cheerios from General Mills, enough for one cup (29 grams)
  4. Kelloggs Original Special K — per 1 cup (31g)
  5. A serving size of 3/4 cup (28 grams) of Annie’s Organic Berry Bunnies