Variety is the Spice of Life: A Taste of Vienna Beef

Vienna Beef hot dogs add additional variety to Label’s’ menu, an inclusion which any delicatessen would be fortunate to possess. In spite of the unique food item, Label’s doesn’t use the Vienna Beef as a gimmick to attract extra customers wanting to diversify their lunch; the quality of the meat does that itself. Label’s Tables could have used a regular, run-of-the-mill, microwavable hot dog to supplement the food they already use. While it certainly would have been easier, the easier choice isn’t always going to be the better one. By choosing Vienna Beef they opt for quality over simplicity.

Vienna beef is most often used in Chicago hot dogs, which rival those in New York for national renown and given the subject matter of this article, is it any surprise to delve into their famed past? In 1893 over 27 million people flocked to a convention in Chicago to witness the latest inventions, one of which was the Vienna Beef hot dog, created by Austrian-Hungarian immigrants Emil Reichel and Sam Ladany. Soon after that the two entrepreneurs started their own store that became a quick success. In time, they started selling their meat to other vendors and restaurants. Deliveries of links start cropping up as well, starting with horse-drawn carriages and evolving to cars.

Before long, other hot dog stands began to sell products made from Vienna Beef as well, ensuring the company’s continued success. Supermarkets began to stock the meat as well, allowing customers to bring it home, further broadening the reach and influence of the company.

Vienna Beef has had an exceedingly successful history and due to that, it adds a higher value to Label’s Tables Deli. By not focusing exclusively on sandwiches (though there is quite a variety on that end), Label’s has shimmied its way past competitors and has become a top-notch deli. Utilizing Vienna Beef Sausages doesn’t guarantee a successful business, but as Label’s Tables shows, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

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