Have Us Cater Your Event This Summer

Summertime is a time for sports, business meetings, weddings, and more. For all these events you need great food, and we here at Label’s Tables know how to deliver. Call us to cater and we’ll bring the very best from our deli classics straight to your event at a price we know you can afford.

Baseball season’s here, and we can help you prove to all your friends that you know how to celebrate by bringing over a couple of our 3 or 4 footer deli subs. They go great with a cold beer, and can help you root for your team in style. Of course, if you are a parent or coach of a little league team this summer, we can also come through with one of our sandwich platters. The sandwiches are all tailored to your specifications, so you won’t have to worry too much about picky kids.

If you’re having an important business meeting, the best way to wow your big clients is by letting us cater one of our meat platters so they feel right at home in your boardroom. We typically prepare a wide assortment of meat, cheeses and fresh bread, so they’ll tons to choose them. Our catered food will keep their stomachs satisfied, making it easier to satisfy them with your presentation.

If you’re having a wedding this summer and are trying to save money for your future, we can cater your reception at an affordable rate. Some places like to charge an arm and a leg for a wedding, but we at Label’s Tables know that you have a future to worry about. Our delicious platters will keep your guests happy, while they celebrate one of the happiest days of your life.

So call us this summer to cater your sporting events, business meeting and more. We’re sure you’ll enjoy our commitment to great service!

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