Shiva Caterers

Here For You During Your Period of Mourning

Label’s Table Deli is here for you in your time of need as your very own Shiva caterers. Let us prepare fresh, delicious food while you focus on greeting your guests and celebrating the life lost of your loved-one. “Shiva” is derived from the Hebrew word “shiv’ah” which translates in English to the word “seven.” In the story of Genesis 50: 1-14 Joseph mourns the death of his father Jacob for seven days. As a Jewish tradition, it is a seven day mourning period for the death of a relative, one was closely related to (like a sibling, spouse, mother, father, or child). As Shiva caterers and a Jewish deli in Los Angeles, we understand what goes on with a Shiva.

We want you to know that we are the type of Shiva caterers that offer affordable prices to caterer your Shiva. With everything else going on, we know that this period of mourning can feel overwhelming. Thinking about going to a store and buying everything to provide for your guests can be the last thing you want to do. We make the whole catering process easy, from customized meat platters to on-time delivery.

Funeral Catering

No matter the religion or ritual, everyone needs comfort food. Not only are we Shiva caterers but we provide catering for any type of funeral or memorial service. been caterers for years we know how sensitive a time like this can be for anyone dealing with loss. During this difficult time our professional staff does what they can do to help you by feeding your loved ones in your time of your need. Mourning is difficult for everyone. With Label’s Table Deli you can be assured that we’ve prepared fresh, homemade Meat Platters with a selection of meat, such as Oven Roasted Turkey, Pastrami, Corned Beef and more. We also created a Fish Platter that will satisfy any Smoked Fish loving guest. It comes complete with such delicacies as Lox, Baked Salmon, Natural Cod, White Fish and more. You’ll also love our Sandwich Platter and even Deli Subs. Call us for any of these delicious options at (310) 276-0388 to set up your catering needs for your Shiva, funeral, or any type of memorial service.