Pastrami Sandwiches Are the Backbone of All Great Delis

Did someone say “pastrami”? To sandwich lovers around the country pastrami sandwiches are the crux of a good deli. If you fail in the pastrami category, it’s rarely worth it to continue sampling different sandwiches. Some of the best, most popular sandwiches from delis around the country are pastrami sandwiches, so there’s always intense pressure to provide the best pastrami sandwich experience a deli can manage.

So what’s the secret to great pastrami? What is it that everyone likes so much? Is it the tangy, saltiness of the pastrami or the robust flavor? Is it the warmth of a heated sandwich? Is it the supreme satisfaction felt after you’ve finished? Is it the knowledge that finishing this giant sandwich is going to be a real challenge? When you eat pastrami sandwiches from Label’s Table, it’s all of this and more.

Pastrami Sandwiches Are the Backbone of All Great Delis

Our pastrami sandwiches are known in the Los Angeles for providing a large serving of pastrami goodness: our sandwiches are piled high with perfectly seasoned, flavorful, fatty pastrami on signature rye bread, or any bread of your choosing. You’ll know you’re in for something great the second you smell our sandwiches, but in case you were still in doubt, the second that pastrami flavor hits your taste buds, you’ll have a new favorite pastrami sandwich in Los Angeles.

Usually made from beef (though sometimes made from turkey or pork), pastrami was originally created as a way to preserve meat before the advent of refrigerators. The meat is spiced, partially dried, smoked, and in some preparations, steamed to enhance the flavor and texture of the meat. We don’t quite understand why pastrami was created as a way to preserve meat considering the second you taste it, you’ll want to eat pastrami from morning till night.

Paired with our signature pickles and a light layer of deli mustard, your next Label’s Table pastrami sandwich will change your outlook on what a pastrami sandwich should be.

Hungry yet? Head over to Label’s Table for one of the best pastrami sandwiches in LA.

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