Free Location Rental at Label’s Table

In business, it’s often joked that buying land is the only safe investment, because there’s such a limited supply. And in this age, space is certainly something people could use more of, whether in regard to living, to working, or for events. That’s why Label’s Tables is now offering our location for event services.

Benefits of Location Renting at Label’s Tables

When it comes time to look for space to host your next event, you have plenty of options, especially in Los Angeles. What do you look for in a location that sets it apart from the others? Location? Size? Ambience? Are you looking for a place that will provide food?

Label’s Table has all of those benefits, with one major addition: when you come to Label’s Tables for your event, we don’t charge you a location fee.

That’s right: Label’s Table’s provides free location services for your next event. Try to beat that price in the Los Angeles area!

Details for Label’s Tables Location Renting

Events with 30+ guests in attendance are more than welcome at Label’s Table, any Sunday after 3 PM. Call Bruce to learn more and make a reservation. Only food provided by Label’s Table is allowed at the event, but not to worry—food from Label’s Table is the only food you’ll want. We serve only food already on our menu, and our food is perfect for satisfying a group of children, family from out of town come to sit shiva, or friends looking to have a good time in Los Angeles.

You’ll enjoy our popular pickles, vegetarian-friendly menu options, tasty and filling signature sandwiches, classic potato salad, and more! At Label’s Tables, we aim to please, and we succeed at the goal on a daily basis.

You won’t be disappointed.

Interested in renting our location free of location costs for your next birthday party, family reunion, or other event? Call us and ask for Bruce for more information.

At Label’s Tables, we provide more than just food.

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