Cold Meat Platter

Offering An Affordable Deli Cold Meat Platter

At Label’s Table, we pride ourselves on our authentic New York-style deli food. Items like our cold meat platter are reasonably priced and perfect for large events.  We wanted to extend our affordable menu to our deli catering services, that way our fresh and popular food like our cold meat platter becomes accessible to all of Los Angeles from the comfort of your home, business, or event. You get to enjoy our food without even stepping inside The Original Lable’s Table in West La. With a mouthwatering catering menu, our meat, fish, sandwich platters, and Deli Subs are ideal for any event or occasion.

Fresh Platters & Sandwiches

Our professional delicatessen delivers our tasty and fresh party platters to Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, Westchester, Manhattan Beach, and Orange County. Our deli catering services include delicious food that will have all of your guests asking to take home leftovers. Our Meat Platter is a delicious plate of tenderness with a choice of 6 meats from a variety of meats like corned beef, roast beef, turkey, ham, salami, and pastrami. We also provide choices of chesses and a choice of fresh baked bread. No platter is complete of course without, potato salad, coleslaw, pickles and olives included. Our Fish Platter comes with a variety of smoked fish for the fish lover (like Lox, Natural Cod, Smoked White Fish, Baked Salmon and more) the platter also includes cheeses, vegetables, and bagels. With our deli catering, we make sure to really feed your guests!

All the customers who stop by our deli rave about our sandwiches, so it’s no surprise we’ve included them in our deli catering services. For those interested in our Deli Subs, we have a delicious three foot sandwich and a four foot sandwich. These big subs are a favorite for Playoffs, World Series or Super Bowl parties.

With so much to offer, we’re a great choice for your next event whether it’s a graduation, holiday party, anniversary, funerals, office gathering, or birthday event. Call us at (310) 276-0388 if you have any questions about what our minimum is and questions about any of our food platters.

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