Don’t Forget to Place Your Catering Orders for the High Holy Days

We are already half way through August, and the High Holy Days are right around the corner. With Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur just a few short days away, it is time to start planning your celebrations. What better way recognize the holidays than with some delicious catering from Label’s Table?

You can start the Days of Awe off right by ordering one of our amazing fruit platters. Nothing symbolizes a sweet new year like our sweet fruit platters. Our fresh fruit catering platters have a little bit of something that everyone will like. Packed with only the freshest berries, melon slices, and other seasonal fruit slices, you will not even need the honey.

The High Holy Days are Right Around the Corner, are You Ready?

When it comes to Yom Kippur Label’s Table has you covered as well, imagine Breaking the Fast with a plate overflowing with lox, baked salmon, smoked white fish, creamed herring, and an assortment of fresh cheeses and vegetables. Another great option is our platter of catered deli meats, featuring a huge assortment of any of your favorite cuts as well as fresh rolls to accompany.

No matter what your needs, Label’s Table is more than happy to provide all of the delicious food and snacks you need to get you through the holidays. It is our pleasure and privilege to know that we have served you and your family during the High Holy Days – but do not forget, this is one of our busiest times of the year, so we will need at least a two week notice for any major catering order.

We look forward to hearing from you, and until then – Shanah Tovah!

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