Great and Affordable: How Far Does $15 Go?

Here at Label’s Table, we are committed to making sure that we give you the most delicious Jewish deli experience that we possibly can. It is, however, just as important that we give you a delicious, affordable experience. We believe that excellent food should be...

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Free Location Rental at Label’s Table

In business, it’s often joked that buying land is the only safe investment, because there’s such a limited supply. And in this age, space is certainly something people could use more of, whether in regard to living, to working, or for events. That’s why Label’s...

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A Vegetarian Friendly Deli

When Washington Post food editor Joe Yonan announced that he is now a vegetarian, the information became much-discussed news. Questions erupted: Could his opinion on food be trusted anymore? Would this be the same food section of the paper that we had come to esteem?...

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