The Brine and the Beautiful: Label’s Table Has the Best Pickles in L.A.

You find them in burgers, put them in sandwiches, and lately, they’ve enjoyed a surge of popularity thanks to the antics of a certain reality TV star. Pickles! They are all around you and yet you give them so little thought. But today that’s all going to change. We know we have the best pickles of any deli in Los Angeles, but do you know why that title is so important? No? Then read up on why pickles are such impressive condiments.

Believe it or not, pickles have played an integral role in human history and development. Dating beyond 2000 B.C., pickling has been an effective means of preserving perishable foodstuffs, allowing civilizations to survive cold, infertile winters and various unfortunate natural disasters. Pickling has been mentioned by Aristotle in ancient Greece, in the Bible, and all the way forward in time by the likes of Shakespeare, Thomas Jefferson, and John Mason, the inventor of the ubiquitous Mason jar.

What makes our pickles the best?

We’re not telling, but you don’t have to know the secret to know you love them.

In the U.S., traditional pickles are cucumbers soaked in vinegar seasoned with garlic, mustard seed or cinnamon, but cultures the world over appreciate various pickled fruits and vegetables. Indian culture embraces a dish made from mango, lime, Indian gooseberry, and other seasonings; in Arab countries pickles are typically made from turnips, peppers, and carrots; and most famous of the pickled staples is kimchi, the Korean dish made from pickled cabbage and radishes. Other dishes around the world feature pickled onions and eggs (Britain), beets and tomatoes (Russia), and even eggplants (Greece)—all as main dishes.

And it is not only the pickles themselves that people around the world enjoy, but also the pickle brine. Eastern European women use pickle brine as a cosmetic, while others use it as soup stock or a beverage. In 2000, the Philly Eagles team claimed pickle juice helped them defeat the Dallas Cowboys.

Cleopatra claimed that pickles made her beautiful—at Label’s Tables, our pickles make us proud.

The worldwide impact of pickling is clear: that’s why Label’s Tables is so proud to feature the best pickles in Los Angeles. The Department of Agriculture claims Americans eat 8.5 lbs of pickles a year. So why aren’t you at Label’s Table? Wouldn’t you rather eat the best?

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