Avocado Toast is a Trend, But Our Menu Stays True

The toaster is older than the oldest person alive, but toast’s hype is hot and fresh. Yes, toast. It rose by way of avocado’s recent surge of popularity and now popularly is, perhaps because of Olivia Wilde, one half of the bi-ingredient, open-faced comestible, avocado toast. But toast is versatile. It has no strings attached with avocado. It spreads wide its crusty, flaky wings as both the basis for sweet or savory fare. It’s the staple dessert at Asian tea houses, it’s at your side for American-style bacon and egg breakfasts, adds texture to your deli sandwich, is a close companion with soup, and let’s not leave out French toast.

It doesn’t stop at avocado toast!

Beyond avocado toast and the customary usage of the roasted bread, toast mania has taken a life of its own with toast flavored food, like B.T. McElrath’s Buttered Toast Chocolate Bars, Republic of Tea’s Cinnamon Toast Black Tea, and various toast flavored ice cream (here and here, for starters.) There are toast DIY toppings places and even toast bars. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a cereal that found its way to most of our hearts while growing up, and French Toast Crunch is back on the shelves, maybe partly thanks to these fervent advocates. There’s no end in sight for toast as something more than a simple side dish.

At Label’s Tables, we’re not doing anything fancy like a toast bar. We don’t need toast (although you can request toasted) or toast toppings to stay in the game. But we do deliver high quality, homey deli food. We don’t play onto quick-fading trends, we stick with what we know: authentic Jewish deli food. And we’ve been serving it up for over four decades now. A good sandwich requires good bread, and our sandwiches will make a returning customer out of you. Come in today and taste something that’ll be around much longer than any foodie fad.

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