Great and Affordable: How Far Does $15 Go?

Here at Label’s Table, we are committed to making sure that we give you the most delicious Jewish deli experience that we possibly can. It is, however, just as important that we give you a delicious, affordable experience. We believe that excellent food should be something that everyone should be able to have as a part of their day-to-day lives, not an extravagance that will break the bank.

The notion that a full, satisfying meal shouldn’t cost you more than $15 dollars is one that is very dear to our hearts here at Label’s Table. So, in order to show you that quality food is not outside your price range, we want to show you some full, affordable meals that can come out of our menu… all without spending a single red cent over $15.

How Far Does $15 Go at Label’s Table?

Let’s start with a tour de force in the Label’s Table deli experience: open with one of our famous hot pastrami sandwiches on warm rye bread. ($8.50) Then, follow it up with a childhood favorite, a bowl of LA’s best matzo ball soup. ($4.25) Wash it all down with a bottle of Doc Brown’s soda, ($1.95), and there’ll still be thirty cents to drop back into your piggy bank.

Feeling slightly less carnivorous? Not a problem! Let’s see how far $15 dollars will go in Label’s salad menu: try out the mini version of our Chinese Chicken Salad or Chef Salad. ($7.97) Put that together with a half sandwich of our famous lox spread, ($5.95) and you’ll have enough to take a bagel ($0.85) back to the office for a mid-afternoon snack.

What’s that? You feel like trying a bit of everything? You’re the boss! Start off with one of our renowned Vienna All Beef Hot Dogs. ($3.25) Then, try half of a roast beef sandwich on sourdough bread ($5.95) with a traditional dinner salad. ($4.50) Throw in a side of macaroni salad, ($1.25) and you’re still left with a budget surplus of five cents.

How far can $15 get you? If you’re eating at Label’s Table, $15 can get you all kinds of full, delicious, and affordable meals. Try having a few different meals at our place, and have different dishes each time; the only constants you’ll find at the great taste and the affordable price. Take a look at our menu and put together some exciting meals of your own design!

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