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Roast Beef Sandwich

This delicious sandwich is prepared with fresh roast beef and will make your mouth water. Try it on any of our breads, including our famous Double baked hot rye or even onion rolls.

FULL $12.95 / HALF $8.00
lox and cream cheese bagel

Lox & Cream Cheese Bagel

This tasty lox and 100% cream cheese bagel comes with your choice of bagel, onion roll, or kaiser roll. This delectable bagel combination is definitely a customer favorite!

cheese blintzes and blueberry blintzes


Sweet perfection filled with either cheese or blueberry. With every bite, it’s a little piece of heaven. Everyone should treat themselves with a Blintz!


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Looking for the best, most affordable Jewish deli in Los Angeles? Then you’ve found it! At Label’s, we proudly serve only the best cuts of meat, piled sky-high on freshly baked breads such as double baked hot rye, egg, wheat, sourdough, and onion rolls.

We believe in service and quality over fancy decorations and high prices. That is why all of our homemade sandwiches, salads, and soups are affordable. Not just our homemade food is of high quality, at our deli we only use top quality brands, at less expensive prices. We carry Western Bagels, Vienna Sausage Co, Chicago, Diamond Bakery, Acme Smoked Fish from New York, and Russaks Meats.

High quality items, ingredients, and food is our specialty.

It is pretty safe to say that if you are coming into an authentic Jewish deli in Los Angeles like Label’s Table, you’re looking for one thing – an unbelievable sandwich.

Well we have you covered with everything from smoked turkey to egg salad. Oh, and did we mention the best pastrami sandwich in LA? If you find that our sandwiches are a little too enormous to finish in one attempt (don’t worry, most people do), then make sure to try our daily “Half Sandwich and Soup” special for just $10.75. We also have a daily Sandwich Special, that’ll make you come back regular to check out the special. Looking for a great hotdog? Make sure you try our “Vienna All-Beef Natural Casing” hotdogs!

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